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Conducting research in public health is not an easy task because its unit purpose is vague. Like its aspects, it relates to community and/or collective health, that is something, which is abstract and related to the knowledge of values and the belief of some social groups. Indeed, the health system in low-income countries currently draws particular attention (for those interested in it) to performance-based financing as a necessity to reach the “Health for All” goal.

Within the framework of the Multi Country Project in partnership with Cordaid, the seven (7) member countries will work jointly to produce results and disseminate different studies covering the themes pre-established during the kick off, which took place in Kigali in 2010. HDP as well as other Multi Country Network partners concerned with PBF have the mandate to get more involved and share their experience in order for them to become genuine popularisers of the system in collaboration with their respective Governments.

At the end of this Project, the following themes will be carefully dealt with:

i) Relationship between PBF and human resource management;
ii) Harmonisation of PBF and Mutual Health Insurance Schemes;
iii) Synergy between HIV/AIDS programme and PBF;
iv) Common vision of the PBF Approach between faith-based organisations and the State.

Besides these studies, HDP, in charge of the Permanent Secretariat, should post experiments, experiences and other publications onto the Multi Country Website.

The seven (7) PBF member countries (Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon and the Central African Republic) have an overall objective to be reached: To improve the functioning of the health sector by establishing a modern, more flexible and reflexive negotiation framework where all stakeholders, as well-advised partners, will negotiate on equal footing.